Gill’s Sci-Fi Fantasy Site

Hi, I am a keen lover of all things Science Fiction/Fantasy in other words a bit of a geek and proud of it.  Years ago I developed a Sci/Fi site with a local project called Webster which was trying to get more people computer literate.  If you could write articles and run a site then they would provide you with a computer, internet access and a printer.  So being without any of these I signed up and hey presto the site was born.  I called myself Hermit because at that time I spent a lot of time indoors due to ill health but I decided that Hermit would live in a cave underneath Pontypool Town Hall.  At the moment the site is being revamped but I will give you a link anyway for all those art lovers who are also geeks. May the force be with you.   Enjoy:

Hermit’s Sci-Fi Fantasy Site

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