Dangerous Fruit

plums, police line up, dangerous fruit, Mr. Potato head, photography project
dangerous fruit

In my second year at Glamorgan, now the University of South Wales I did a photography module.  Never having studied photography before I wanted to learn how to take a good snapshot and at the very least be able to photograph my work well.  We had a project called Plums.  This was based on a famous poem by William Carlos Williams and is open to many interpretations.

This Is Just To Say

by William Carlos Williams

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

– See more at: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15535#sthash.LYkdVDm6.dpuf

many students took this to mean death or suicide but I had a different view on the matter.  Because the person in the singular tense had committed a crime and the poem talked about fruit I produced a photograph of fruit in a police line up looking guilty with parts from my grandsons Mr. Potato head on them.

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