Carpets for yurts!

rag rug, yurt, textiles, pontypool textile group,hand knitting
Carpet for yurt

In my time at Pontypool Tertiary College doing a national Diploma in Graphic Design my tutor was Dave Gardner.  He is a well known political artist who concentrates on the the welsh Valleys in particular.  While I was there he had a new project concentrating on the rag trade and how todays market is based on the throw away society in that clothes are made cheap in sweat shops to be discarded after only a short time.  Nothing is made to last.  He had procured a yurt which he decorated with his mothers knitting creations for his children and inside he wanted to carpet it with a rag rug.  I was a member of the Pontypool rag rug group so I co-ordinated a project between him and the groups leader Jane Dorsett to produce a rug made out of leftover clothes and old wool blankets.

yurt, carpet, textiles, hand knitted, rag rug
carpet for yurt

Here is a link to the finished work in his catalogue!

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