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Cardiff Artlab Chapter 20th February

In Front of Information Board pointing to photo of me
Over The Top
“Over The Top” on Board at the Exhibition

“Over The Top” by Jill Powell

Oil on canvas board

50cms x 40cms

“Over The Top” aims to highlight the growing threat of Antimicrobial Resistance facing the world today. It is set in a surreal backdrop of an AMR World War three where the trenches are the epidermis of the human body.

An army of dangerous antimicrobial resistant microbes are shown in giant form coming down the hill. These include MRSA, Clostridium Difficile, Covid 19, Aspergillus and Giardia Lamblia with mosquitos carrying malaria flying above.

In the bottom left two antibiotics dress their wounds and console each other as above a legion of defeated Microbiologists leave the battlefield.

The future of the fight against microbes lies with the hazmat suited figures who make use of DNA gene guns, vaccinations, fogging machines and bacteriophages.


A surreal painter by nature, my creative artwork has evolved from my feelings and dreams. Benefitting from a mixed media approach it has incorporated surrealism, sculpture, animation, humour, illustration, the exploration of alternative realities and automatic painting. As a neurodiverse artist, my creativity has been an integrel part of my achieving good mental health.

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