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Aardman website

An quick old animation I did back in 2008 based on the Wallace and Gromit series of films by Nick Park.  Made by HT Prods

This is an amateur film but just shows how much work must have gone into the making of the actual films!.

Well here we are on a Thursday morning and web design and thinking of my inspirations and I have decided to look at Aardman Animations the home of Sean the sheep and Wallace and Gromit.  Proudly displayed on my mantle piece is a small plastic penguin which is merchandise from an early Wallace and Gromit film.  Although he is small, he is very sinister and I often wondered why he emanates such dark waves.  I think it is because he shows no emotion and hardly no movement except for his eyes.  I have thought of including him into my small films as the arch villain but would just be copying Aardman, it really is better to create my own villain, any suggestions?

Aardman Animation website


A surreal painter by nature, my creative artwork has evolved from my feelings and dreams. Benefitting from a mixed media approach it has incorporated surrealism, sculpture, animation, humour, illustration, the exploration of alternative realities and automatic painting. As a neurodiverse artist, my creativity has been an integrel part of my achieving good mental health.

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