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Number 14 blog

Friday morning in Uni and awaiting my tutorial with Chris and Hanna, filling in the time researching websites for my research portfolio.  I was looking for quirky websites and found Jake and Dinos Chapmans.   Wow this is different and flies in the face of all conventional websites with linking buttons in the four corners and a minimalist idea on writing, but it is effective in promoting their work.  Have a look yourself and let me know what you think :

Jake and Dinos Chapman

Here is a you tube film of their exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery


A surreal painter by nature, my creative artwork has evolved from my feelings and dreams. Benefitting from a mixed media approach it has incorporated surrealism, sculpture, animation, humour, illustration, the exploration of alternative realities and automatic painting. As a neurodiverse artist, my creativity has been an integrel part of my achieving good mental health.

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