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Day 6

I have got four copies of my contextual study bound in Glamorgan print this morning, now all I have got to do is guard them like the crown jewels until next Monday and try not to lose them.   I am okay at the regular stuff and really quite organised, but when it comes to the big stuff like weddings and funerals, I lose the plot.  I have been known to turn up at the wrong wedding and the wrong funeral which was really embarrassing.  The thing is unless you know the relevant participants well, mixing in with a crowd of strangers is the norm.  Smiling and making all the right noises is the required response.   Oh well, roll on next Monday when I can hand it in.   Watch this space to see if it gets there.


A surreal painter by nature, my creative artwork has evolved from my feelings and dreams. Benefitting from a mixed media approach it has incorporated surrealism, sculpture, animation, humour, illustration, the exploration of alternative realities and automatic painting. As a neurodiverse artist, my creativity has been an integrel part of my achieving good mental health.

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